Most of us have been having heat issues this last week - that is, finding a way to stay warm.  Right now my issue is keeping my cat off my laptop as I type.  He loves to be in the middle of whatever is going on in the house, and also enjoys the warm air coming off the computer fan.  Don't know if I'm much better, (liking to be warm and in the middle of what's going on) but I have managed to get to work, visit the hospitals, and even do some yard work, being sufficiently bundled up.  Also have been keeping an eye on the crew putting a roof on the house across the street in the middle of this (for the Ozarks) brutal weather. 

Of course, if I want to warm up, there's always the news - let's see what preposterous lie was told today or see which of the least of these got crushed by the wheels of power.  The news has become a pretty dependable heat source, but it's a negative heat and it raises blood pressure in an unhealthy way - but I can't look away.

It helps to stay busy, and church has certainly provided that opportunity.  I'm only part time, but there really is no part time when you have responsibilities to be reasonably available at all times.  Along with the obvious stuff that has to be done every week and helping with the small crises that are part of all our lives from time to time, there is always a backlog of calling, writing, and long term planning.  But my busyness is only a drop in the bucket of what gets done at NCC - people are doing mission and volunteering and checking to see if people are OK and doing all the little things that make what we do effective.  People here care, and that is heartwarming.